Recruiting Writers, Editors and Ad Sales

In order to launch in Spring of 2018, we will need to identify and recruit, with a preference from PEN membership, at least 16 writers, 2 Editors and 2 Ad Salespeople.  Since the quality level will be very high, this will be a challenge.

Psychologist D.K. Simonton found that people are most convincing when speaking to an audience with a D15IQ about 18 points lower than their own.  Actually, this 18 point differential has been found to be optimal throughout many organizations.  What that means is that our writers should possess an IQ at least 18 points higher than our subscribers.  Because The Polymath is targeted at the upper 5% of the population in intellectual sophistication, its readership should be at 97.5%'ile.  However, the readership will likely be skewed upward and our readership is estimated to have a mean IQ of about 132.  That means our writers should have a mean IQ of about 150.

150 IQ people are rare, about 1:2,331, so they won't be that easy to find.  However, because the population is so large, in Western civilization, there are about 500,000 of them.  That is a lot.  However, writers for the Polymath must also be intellectually sophisticated, erudite, intellectually disciplined, etc.  So, it won't be easy.

Fortunately, there is enormous prestige and income potential that will accrue to a writer over the first three years.  If we meet our goal of 4.2 million subscribers within the first three years, which we are confident that we will, writers will receive about 12,000USD per page.  At a projected 16 pages per month, that translates to over 2,000,000USD per year.  That should be a large attractor.

Editors recruit, develop and counsel writers.  They also assist their writers to adhere to Editorial policies.  We will expect our Editors to manage a stable of about 8 writers, producing two articles per week.  Editors also should earn over 2,000,000USD per year.

Ad Sales People 
The key to success for The Polymath, Polymathica and Leonardo is a qualified ad sales staff in PEN.  The first will be recruited for monetizing The Polymath.  For that purpose, we will need at least two Ad Sales People.  At first, they will need to get their sales external to PEN.  However, as PEN matures, the Ad Sales People will become one or more Ad Agencies that will counsel, PEN enterprises and monetize those PEN projects that are ad supported.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, just be sure that you are subscribed to The Polymath and you will receive formal invitation to apply there.  If you don't want to wait, you may reply to this page, expressing your interest.

Of course, you may decide to join PEN right away.  You may do so by selecting the option below and clicking 'Buy Now'

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  1. As an individual with a very high IQ, I am interested in this project, and I would like to know more information about what will be expected of writers for The Polymath. You can message me on Quora:

  2. I am an individual with IQ that is perhaps not very high, but high enough to cause me challenges in life. Wechsler (administered by a professional psychologist) 140 nonverbal, 148 verbal. Seen by others as high achiever, but I do not exactly see myself this way. Can be contacted on (this is of course a temporary email address and I will be happy to reveal my real identity when appropriate).