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Our prepaid footer ad campaign is, as it sounds, the purchase of a footer ad in a future issue of The Polymath.  It was very successful in our first Reward Crowd funding effort and we expect the same with this larger effort.  The current price is 50USD and the expectation is that with the future success of The Polymath, its value will increase significantly. 

It works like this.  Our prelaunch estimate is that footer ads will sell for 3.00USD per thousand.  So, at 50,000 subscribers, its cost will be $150.  At 400,000 subscribers, its value will be 1,200USD.  At 4.2 million, our two year goal (see compensated word of mouth), it will have a value of 12,600USD.  So, while you are contributing to a crowdfunding effort, your 'reward' actually has the potential to appreciate significantly.

Purchasing the prepaid footer ad is akin to purchasing a coin, postage stamp, action figure or other collectable item that could appreciate in value.  Consequently, it is not a security in the traditional sense.  Subject to monthly volume limitations, you can either use the ad or sell it through the Ad Sales.  Without guarantee, we may offer exchanges for equity.  It would seem to be in our best interests, but it violates security laws in many jurisdictions to warrant future equity exchanges.  In most jurisdictions, if you use the ad or exchange it for equity, there should be no capital gains.  However, if you sell it, it will be subject to taxation.  However, regulations vary by jurisdiction, so there may be some tax liability should it appreciate.  You should consult a tax specialist in your area if you consider this significant.

Clearly, a purchase that may increase in value from 50USD to 12,600USD in two years should be considered a very high return investment and, as such, may carry with it a significant risk of a loss of some or all of the purchase price.  Consequently, you should not support our crowdfunding to a level such that you cannot afford to lose the purchase amount.

The prepaid footer ads are limited to 500 ads of which 90 have already been sold.

Simply fill out your Referral Code and click buy now.  You must be a subscriber to The Polymath to contribute.  If you don't remember your referral code, simply type subscriber and we will get your code from the subscriber list.  If you are interested in purchasing a quantity that is not listed, choose the highest quantity that doesn't exceed your purchase quantity, then return to the button and buy a second time.

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