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In the last two years ICOs have emerged as a way for cryptocurrency projects to avoid the nearly impossible regulatory mess involved in marketing startup equity to an international community of potential investors.  The Polymath, through prepaid ads that will remain usable indefinitely, will raise prelaunch funding that will behave in similar fashion to equity and may actually become convertible to equity within a reasonable time frame.  In this way, our investment vehicle is actually superior to both ICOs and IPOs.

Utilizing the prepaid ad vehicle we can allow risk tolerant investors who support the goals of The Polymathic Institute and The Polymath to participate in our success with startup levels of potential capital appreciation.  If we reach our three year circulation goal of 4.2 million and our CPM goal of $3.75, a $3,000 investment in 60 ads will have a projected value of $945,000.  Of course, like all startup funding, there is substantial risk and we cannot warrant results.

However, we believe that our goals are not unreasonable.  We will launch when our subscriptions reach 150,000 which is the point at which we can achieve profitability.  Typical startups project growth at 700% in the first year and a doubling of revenue for the next two years.  Y-Combinator startups actually average about 6% per month which translates to first year growth rate of over 2,000%.  Of course, their growth will slow down as they grow.  

This is actual performance that is actually better than our projections of 3.8% per week.   Initially growing at 3.8% per week circulation will grow to 1,050,000 by the first full year, post launch.  With success, it will double to 2.1 million circulation by end of year two and 4.2 million by the end of year three.  This is consistent with average startup success.

Growth will come from several sources.  First, 15% of revenue will be allocated to circulation.  Second, articles will be placed in an archive and SEO optimized.  Traffic so generated will receive a subscription pop up  Third, selected Leonardo Bloggers will have ads for Polymathic Institute membership and interested people will subscribe to get more information.  These three sources should be more than sufficient to reach our circulation goals.

Our initial challenge is to get the 150K subscribers we need to launch.  It will come from two sources.  Some of it will come from the Leonardo Network that will begin operation before launch.  However, it will be insufficient by itself.  So much of the initial subscriptions will come from the innovative source of prepaid ads.

Subscriber acquisition is currently costing about 75¢ each.  So, the full cost of 150,000 subscribers is estimated at $112,500.  Our current plan is to sell 30 units at $3,000 each which will raise $90,000 of that.  The remainder already have or will be raised by our affiliate program.

There are three anticipated exit scenarios.  

First, you can use the ads.  Most ad holders are also Founding Members of the Polymathic Institute.  Many of them will use their membership to start and fund an enterprise.  They may use their ads as contributed capital.  

When all 2,000 ads have been sold (we have sold 131 so far), we will set up a bulletin board where prepaid ads can be bought and sold.  This provides an opportunity for liquidity from early on.

Third, The Polymath will likely find it advantageous to purchase and retire prepaid ads, either for cash or equity.  In fact, without so warranting, it could very well be beneficial to the Institute to register its securities and sell an equity portion with some or all of the proceeds used to retire prepaid ads.

At present we are offering prepaid ads in blocks of 60 for $3,000.  If you are interested in exploring this investment vehicle, please email

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